She’s the Picture of Health!

When you hear the phrase “the picture of health”, what comes to mind?

Maybe one of the goddesses that model swimsuits for Sports Illustrated or lingerie for Victoria’s Secret, or maybe, Mr. Universe or The Rock.

When I see hardbodies and hunks like these, somehow the first question that pops into my mind isn’t “Hmm, I wonder how many servings of fruits and vegetables they ate today”? But maybe it should be!

AWESOME LADIES TRAINING 2017 - Hardcore Back Workout - Female Fitness  Motivation HD - YouTube

If nothing else these people know how to feed and take care of their bodies, after all, their livelihood depends on it.

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As someone who promotes good health through nutrition, I am painfully aware that I have to reflect what I preach.


If I am selling the best miracle dietary supplement in the world, I had better be a product of my product.

Which brings to mind another quote: “Never trust a skinny chef or a fat dietitian”.

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