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Give Ultimate Gym & Fitness A Go

See below just some of the reasons to join Ultimate Gym & Fitness


All Goals Achievable

Whatever your goal, we have the equipment and expertise to help you achieve it.


Free Induction

We offer you a free first induction. Give us a call to get yourself booked in!


All New Equipment

All equipment at Ultimate Gym & Fitness has recently been updated / refurbished.


We sell A Range of Protein

Here at Ultimate Gym & Fitness we stock a wide variety of protein and we also stock LV2LFT gym wear.

Have You Considered A Personal Trainer?

We have have a wide variety of personal trainers with all skillsets
from strength and conditioning to ultra event preperation / training.


Simon Gunn BA (Hons)

As a Human Performance Coach my goal is to bring sports science into the real world for real people. I aim to educate people, fix their injuries, create healthy lifestyles, healthy mindset and dispel all the myths about exercise and fitness. My style of training is based on science and experience. I am way more than a personal trainer, I am a Human Performance Coach.
Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: jellyfitness 
Email: jellyfitness@live.co.uk 
Tel: 07841 529 186


Jake Mayes

I have been in the fitness industry for several years. I am always looking to improve my own knowledge and experience. I have previously come out of working as a Personal Trainer teacher to create my own fitness business with one goal in mind, that is to get you the results you want. I know how daunting making a change can be and I take full responsibility in making you feel at ease, creating an enjoyable journey of change. I have a huge interest in Strength and Conditioning and currently studying S&C along with Sport Rehabilitation at university. I like to choose no-nonsense training methods that have been proven to work. I have worked with a wide range of clientele from professional rugby players, armature strongman athletes to your average mum of three who wants to lose a few pounds before holiday.
Email: jake_mayes@icloud.com
Tel: 07463 364 333


Greg Watson

It took me many years to reach my own goals with a lot of research, money, trial and error along the way. I break through the doubt and confusion and teach clients the simple no bull approach to reaching any goal.
FB – Greg Watson
Insta – gregwatson_89
Email: gw.fitness89@gmail.com 
Tel: 07771 600 273


Warren Wright

Interests: Boxing, mma, functional fitness, strength training. 
Studied personal training at west Notts college, qualified level 3 PT and nutrition. 
I am happy to help any one regardless what stage they are at to reach their desired health/fitness goals. 
My focus is more towards body composition rather then what the scales say and transitional fitness that can be used inside or outside of the gym.
Email: warrenwes91@gmail.com


Tristan Hart

Fitness provides us with the ability to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle. The beauty is you get to choose your own fitness adventures - the options are endless. As a passionate Certified Personal Trainer, my role is to motivate, enable and make training a fun and rewarding experience. I love to see my clients achieve their personal health and fitness goals, through a tailored program of regular activity, and guided fitness programs.

"Life is an adventure, filled with continual improvement and we can achieve our big hairy audacious goals - no matter how big or small!" - "The power of imagination makes us infinite." John Muir
Email: info@healthyharts.co.uk

The Gym

See below some photos of the gym.

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Contact Us

1 Ben Arran House, Wigwam Ln, Hucknall NG15 7SZ

0115 963 5710

Monday - Wednesday: 6am - 10pm
Thursday - Friday: 6am - 9pm
Saturday: 8am - 6pm
Sunday - 9am - 4pm